Thursday, October 4, 2012

Article #3 Two friends were killed in a Car-lorry collision!

Thursday September 27, 2012

JITRA: Two friends travelling to Haadyai, Thailand, were killed in a collision involving their car and a lorry during a downpour at km21.8 of the North-South Expressway here.

A worker of highway maintenance company Propel Bhd said he saw the car skidding and spinning several times before crashing into the lorry in the 11.15am incident yesterday.

The victims were identified as Khaw Chun Seong, 21, from Simpang Empat, Alor Setar, and Lye Guang Shong, 25, from Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

The two, who were credit card agents with a bank in Kuala Lumpur, died of severe injuries at the scene.

Grisly scene: Chun Seong’s father Khaw Siak Chuan, 52, (second from left) looking at the wreckage at KM21.8 of the North-South Expressway heading north to Bukit Kayu Hitam at Kubang Pasu in Kedah.

Kee Kim Ngaung, 60, who lives nearby, said he heard a loud bang and rushed to the site.

“I recognised Khaw's name from a notebook inside the car and realised he was the son of a friend.

“I called his father to tell him of the accident,” he said, when met at the Jitra Hospital mortuary.

He added that another accident occurred at the same place on Tuesday but the victim escaped with minor injuries.

Kubang Pasu OCPD Supt Ibrahim Mohamed Yusof said the lorry was parked by the roadside while Propel workers were doing maintenance work at the metal railing there.

He said the bodies of the victims were sent to the Jitra Hospital for a post-mortem.

Summary :

Two friends, Khaw Chun Seong were killed in a collision involving their car and a lorry during a downpour at 21.8km of the North-South Expressway while travelling to Haadyai, Thailand.

Elements of Newsworthiness : 

What    :  Two friends were killed in an accident
Who     :  Two friends
When   :   -
Where  :  North-South Expressway, Jitra
Why     :  Car collided with a lorry
How     :  On their way to Haadyai, Thailand