Thursday, October 4, 2012

What about now? ✎

So, what is Journalism about? For me, it can be explained as a form of reporting of news in a society. The people who write journalism is known as "journalists" as what we called as "reporters". What are the role of these people? They provide us current information such as news, events and so on. These are what I know about Journalism.

COM1106- Introduction to Journalism - When I first came into contact with journalism, I found out that it's actually a difficult task especially for new learners like us. Before this, I thought that journalism was just about writing, reading, reporting. However, now I know that being a good journalist is not as easy as we could imagine. As what our lecturer, Mr. K said, a good journalist must have important characteristics such as good writing skills, curiosity, excellent imagination and many many more.. Honestly, I have no such qualities of being a journalist. I've always dealt with different types of problems when writing especially my poor language/grammatical skills. I am a poor kid with no self-confident at all! :(

Therefore, I must try my level best to learn more about journalism. Even though I don't really like reading, but this is the only effective way to improve my language isn't it? I don't hope for the best. I only wish I could really score a good grade in this subject. If you think you can, you can ???